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Unleashing Power with Unikey Capacitors: A Capacitance Innovation

Try out Unikey capacitors from Unikey Electronics and witness the technological revolution in capacitance firsthand. Learn more about the exceptional reliability and cutting-edge features that set Unikey capacitors apart. Unilever breaks new ground in capacitance with its X387S-50-10-330 series, with an astounding 50μF value. For peak performance, these capacitors shine even when subjected to very hot or cold conditions. Use Unikey capacitors to their full capacity in all of your electronic creations.

Introducing Unikey Capacitors by Unikey Electronics

Step into the future of capacitance excellence with Unikey capacitors, a revolution crafted by Unikey Electronics. Dive into a world where innovation meets reliability, and explore the advanced features that set Unikey capacitors apart. Unikey Electronics brings a fresh perspective to the capacitor landscape, redefining what excellence truly means in the realm of capacitance technology.

Unlocking Potential with X387S-50-10-330 Capacitors

Discover the boundless potential within the X387S capacitor series, a testament to Unikey’s commitment to pushing the limits of capacitance. Capacitance goes beyond limits with the X387S, boasting an impressive 50μF capacitance value. Delve into the precision of polypropylene, the dielectric material that ensures optimum performance, even in the most challenging operating temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 70℃.


Experience the future of electronic innovation with Unikey capacitors. Beyond mere components, they redefine capacitance technology, ensuring reliability and peak performance. Join the revolution and unleash the power of Unikey capacitors in every electronic creation, setting new standards in the dynamic landscape of advanced electronic components.

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