Over/Under Odds – Revealing Betting Tips from Experts New88

Over/under bets are a popular type of bet when participating in predicting soccer results. With simple rules and high winning rate, it is always chosen by bettors to bet. However, not everyone knows how to evaluate effectiveness and the information below New88.today will help you increase your winning rate with this attractive bet type.

Overview of over/under betting

Over/under betting in soccer betting is one of the popular and interesting options that bettors can participate in. In matches, it is often related to the total number of goals scored. Before the match, the house will provide a general benchmark for you to predict the result. If it is higher than this level, it is over, otherwise it is called under.

To make accurate predictions, bettors often need to consider many factors, including the strength of the squad, the performance of the players, field conditions and meeting history. Careful analysis and accurate information play an important role in placing bets. Over/under betting offers an exciting opportunity for football lovers to bet on many different events in one match.

With the development of this type of betting, nowadays websites not only offer traditional soccer bets on total goals, but also over/under corners, penalty cards, human hands, foul situations, etc. Player bets can Test your luck and collect statistics to make decisions on these side bets with small payouts.

Analyze common over/under odds

When participating in betting, understanding popular bet types is an important part to help you better understand the typehouse bet show. For this type of over/under football betting, you need to pay attention to the following popular bets:

Total goals

Different from common types of bets such asodd even bet. If this is a type of bet that involves predicting the outcome of a specific event it may be related to the total number of goals, penalty cards, penalty corners, or other factors. You will bet on the evenness of the results. In contrast to Over/Under, the total score (Over/Under) will be based on the result of the match.

However, the goal mark can change based on the specific match and the house rules for each match. When participating in total goals betting, you need to predict the total number of goals that will be scored in the match. The important point is the goal mark set by the house.

For example, if the goal score is 2.5, bettors bet on “Over” if they believe that the total number of goals will be 3 goals or more and on “Under” if they predict the match will end with less than or equal to 2 points.

Corner kick bet

This is one of the interesting types of side bets in soccer betting and it represents the number of corners in a match. A popular way is to bet on the total number of penalty corners in the match. The house will set a specific milestone, for example over/under 10.5 corners and you will bet on the result. If the total number of penalty corners in the match exceeds this mark (11 or more) the above bet will win.
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Bet on penalty cards

Penalty card odds are another type of bet in soccer betting, related to the number of penalty cards (yellow and red) that the referee will draw in a match. For example, a bookmaker can give the over/under number 3.5 and you will bet on the result to predict the total number of cards that will appear at the end of the match.

If the referee gives out 4 or more penalty cards, the person betting above will win. This type of bet is more about luck because it is difficult to predict the outcome of the match to make the most reasonable choice.

Important factors that determine the results of over/under bets

When participating in soccer betting and betting on over/under football odds, you need to consider a series of factors to make accurate predictions:

Force situation

The force situation of the two teams is an important factor. If a team is missing key players due to injury or suspension, their scoring potential may decrease. On the contrary, teams with strong squads are likely to score more goals. Observe this factor to accurately judge the over/under match odds.

Competition psychology

Psychology is an important part that affects competition results. If a team is in an excited and confident mood when they have a winning streak or superior strength compared to the other team, the match will have many goals. On the contrary, a team that is in an anxious or demoralized mood may play with a lack of enthusiasm, leading to scoring few goals.

The kicking style of the two teams

The kicking style of the two teams is the deciding factor when predicting over/under odds. Teams that play defense and play carefully are likely to have fewer goals. On the contrary, a team that attacks strongly and creates many opportunities can score more goals. Please evaluate and follow recent matches to make accurate judgments.

Tips for playing over/under betting

When you participate in betting, there are some important tips that can help you optimize your chances of winning and manage your betting budget well, including:

Learn about bets

Before placing a bet, learn about the relevant bet types such as corners, penalty cards, parity, total winnings with the payout rate offered by the house. In reality, the bet levels will be constantly changing, so regular monitoring will help you find opportunities to make good bets before the match.

Understand the match information clearly

To get an overview of the over/under odds, compile relevant information, including the team’s strength, player performance, field conditions, expected weather and other possible factors. affect the results. Tracking and analyzing all this data helps you make accurate predictions.

Consult with experts when predicting over/under odds

ExpertsBetting and football with extensive knowledge and experience. Consulting their opinions can help bettors have a more accurate view of their chances of winning. Experts often have knowledge about teams, statistics, and match trends. This will give you a fresher perspective before investing.

Budget management

Budget management is an important part of soccer betting. Determine the amount you are willing to risk and follow this rule of not over-betting. Carefully study the winning rate in each match to consider increasing or decreasing your money. This is the optimal method to help bettors not lose too much money if their prediction is wrong.


Thus, the above articleNew88 Together with readers, we have found out detailed information surrounding over/under betting. This is a popular type of bet in football and many bettors are interested in participating in betting. Don’t forget to apply the good betting tips in the article to increase your odds of winning.

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