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Leading Lithium Cell Makers: What Makes Sunpower New Energy Stand Out

People are increasingly using lithium cells to power a wide range of products, from smartphones to electric cars. Because of this, the need for high-quality lithium cells has grown, which has led to a lot of new makers. One of these is Sunpower New Energy, a well-known brand in the lithium cell business that has made a name for itself by making good products.

Why Picking the Right Lithium Cell Maker Is Important

Picking the right Changhong sunpower cells maker is very important because it affects the quality and dependability of the batteries you use. Lithium cells that aren’t made well can cause batteries to die quickly, get too hot, or even explode. So, it is very important to pick a lithium cell maker with a good reputation and a lot of experience, like Sunpower New Energy.

Some Facts About The Company

Shenzhen Defond Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech start-up that has been funded with more than 6 billion yuan and is a part of Jiangsu Changhong Sunpower Co., LTD. It is a top maker of Changhong sunpower cells. Changhong Group, the main business, was established in 1958 and has grown into a large global company that works in energy sources, consumer technology, research and development, and making core devices. Changhong’s brand value has hit 168.736 billion yuan (RMB), making it the 288th most valuable brand in the world.


Changhong sunpower cells are increasingly used in various products, leading to the rise of manufacturers like Sunpower New Energy. The quality and reliability of these batteries depend on the manufacturer’s reputation and experience. Changhong Sunpower New Energy, a top maker, is the 288th most valuable brand globally.

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