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Done Power: Leading the Industry with Vision, Values, and Mission

Done Power, a renowned manufacturer of high-power LED power supply, is deeply committed to delivering exceptional products. With a clear ambition to establish itself as a centennial enterprise and secure a position among the top three global leaders in the LED power supply industry, Done Power distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to constant enhancement, groundbreaking innovation, and steadfast pursuit of excellence. This article provides insights into Done Power’s corporate culture, emphasizing their vision, values, and mission in the realm of LED power supply.

Vision: Striving for Excellence

Done Power’s vision encompasses their aspirations for long-term success and global recognition:

  1. Becoming a Century-Old Enterprise: Done Power aims to establish a legacy that spans generations, reflecting their dedication to longevity and sustainable growth.
  2. World’s Top Three in LED Driver Industry: With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, Done Power strives to achieve a prominent position in the global LED driver market.

Values: Guiding Principles

Done Power’s core values shape their actions and decision-making processes:

  1. Innovation and Future Orientation: Done Power embraces innovation to drive advancements in LED driver technology, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry.
  2. Passion and Resilience: Through passionate dedication and resilience, Done Power overcomes challenges and continuously enhances their products and services.

Mission: Creating Value and Leading the Industry

Done Power’s mission encompasses their commitment to various stakeholders:

  1. Development Platform for Employees: Done Power provides a nurturing environment that fosters employee growth and development, cultivating a skilled and motivated workforce.
  2. Value Creation for Customers: Done Power delivers LED power supply solutions that meet customer needs, providing value through reliable and high-performance products.


Done Power’s enterprise culture reflects their vision, values, and mission. By striving for excellence, embracing innovation, and creating value for customers and society, Done Power establishes itself as a trusted leader in the LED driver industry. With their commitment to continuous improvement and a strong focus on ethics and sustainability, Done Power is poised for long-term success and global recognition.

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