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B2B Partnerships: Autophix’s Global Expansion and Quality Commitment

Welcome to Autophix, a global OBD manufacturer in the automotive diagnostic tool industry. With an established presence in Europe, America, and Australia, Autophix has successfully expanded its supply chain through strategic partnerships and leveraging major online platforms. The company’s commitment to quality and certifications ensures that agents can be offered reliable and safe products. In this article, we will explore Autophix’s global reach, its dedication to quality control, and the certifications that validate its commitment to excellence.

Expanding Global Reach

With a strong foothold in the global market, OBD manufacturer Autophix has successfully expanded its sales reach throughout Europe, America, and Australia. By leveraging major online platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and AliExpress, Autophix efficiently connects with its vast online base.

Commitment to Quality and Certifications

Autophix places utmost importance on quality control of its wholesale products throughout its production process. The company’s production department features multiple lines, boasting a significant monthly capacity of 100,000 units. Seasoned managers, quality inspectors, and professionally trained assembly line staff ensure that each product adheres to rigorous quality inspection standards. From order confirmation to material inspection and production assembly, Autophix prioritizes reliable quality control.


Autophix’s global reach is a testament to its success in the automotive diagnostic tool industry. By expanding its sales reach throughout Europe, America, and Australia, the company has effectively tapped into a vast online base and engaged offline segments through collaborations. Autophix’s dedication to quality control is evident in its production processes, with experienced managers and professionally trained assembly line staff ensuring rigorous standards are met. Furthermore, the company’s certifications, such as ISO9001 and BSCI, along with various product certifications, reinforce Autophix’s commitment to providing reliable and safe products to agents worldwide. As Autophix continues to grow, its emphasis on excellence

remains at the forefront of its operations.

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