What are the Best Things to Do for Your Employer?

Many employees feel undervalued and mistreated by their employers. Although it can be frustrating to work for someone who doesn’t value your contribution, this is not grounds for a lawsuit.

Many of us are so used to being treated poorly at work that it is difficult to identify the behavior of our employers that warrants litigation. If you have been the victim of any of these behaviors at work, it is worth speaking with an employment lawyer.

Have You Been Discriminated

Discrimination is when you have been subject to disciplinary action, harassment, or dismissal because of your race, gender, or religion. If you have reported the behavior to the appropriate parties but have not received any response, contact a reliable attorney. The Adult Survivors Act supports victims that weren’t able to report the incident immediately. Not being heard makes it more painful for the victims that suffered harassment, thus it is very important to be able to meet the right attorneys for your case.

You’ve been Harassed

Harassment is a major problem that affects many workers. Harassment in the workplace can take many forms, just like discrimination. Sexual harassment is a serious problem in many workplaces throughout the country, even though there has been a rise in awareness. Many employers either ignore the problem or actively minimize it.

If you have ever felt worthless or objectified by your boss or coworkers, it is possible that sexual harassment has occurred. If the parties involved fail to take appropriate action against the offenders contact a lawyer. Even if harassment was meant to be a joke, it does not give offenders permission to continue such behavior.

You’ve Had Workers Compensation Claims Denied

Your employer must provide workers’ compensation if you are injured while on the job, especially if it is due to unsafe working conditions. Some employers lie or do whatever they can to deny workers compensation claims.

If your employer denies workers’ comp claims they have a reason to pay, consult a lawyer immediately. Employers cannot maintain work conditions conducive to personal injuries and then refuse to make right with injured parties.

Uneven Disciplinary Action

Rules must be applied in an equitable and fair manner at all workplaces. As such, any offense should have the same penalties, no matter who committed it.

If you have been subject to harsh discipline for an offense that has resulted in others being given a slap on their wrist, it is worth contacting an attorney.

Also, wrongful termination may occur if you have been reprimanded or let go for violating a rule that you did not know existed. While some rules are common sense, it is not appropriate for your employer to discipline you because you violated obscure rules that weren’t there before.

You Have Been Retaliated against

People are afraid of being retaliated against if they speak out against injustice at work. They fear that if they witness or are victims of bad behavior, they will be made a target for bullying, harassment and even dismissal.

An attorney familiar with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act can help you if you have ever been subject to retaliation because of speaking truth to power, or whistleblowing about illegal activity. For fear of retaliation, no employee should be afraid to report disturbing behavior or criminal activity by their employer.

Many employees have grown to accept employee mistreatment as a normal part of their work environment. This problem is so common that workers often cannot distinguish between the standard mistreatment and the type that can lead to litigation.

If you are being treated unfairly at work, it is possible that your employer may be acting illegally. A knowledgeable attorney is a good choice for mistreated workers looking to be made whole.

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