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Top Reasons AI is being used to scale corporate security

73% of companies have implemented AI-based security investments. You should invest in AI technologies if you want to increase corporate security.

What makes AI so important for a corporate security strategy

Continue reading to learn about the main uses of AI in security for corporations and how you can improve security processes and protocols with AI.

Why is AI being used to scale corporate security

Let’s say you want to make the most of your security technology and protect your system from security threats. You should look at the potential benefits of AI in security. We will be discussing the best ways to use AI in scaling corporate security as well as the potential benefits of AI in security strategies.

Enhancing Security Cameras

Security cameras are an essential part of any commercial security system. Two core functions are served by your security camera system:

Provide evidence If you suspect that someone has committed a crime on your property, a surveillance system will be necessary to prove it. Evidence of damage to your property, or theft could help you with your insurance claim. Surveillance footage may be helpful in the police investigation.

Preventing crime By simply placing security cameras on the exterior of your building, criminals could be prevented from trying to enter. Unauthorized users will be less likely try to enter the property if they see that they are being monitored.

These are the two main functions that make surveillance an investment worthy for businesses. However, AI can be used to improve the functionality of your security cameras.

Your security personnel will not be able to continuously monitor the video feed. They will have multiple rounds to complete and other tasks that will divert their attention.

You may also have multiple security cameras, which could make it difficult for your team to view all of the footage simultaneously. This will reduce the likelihood of security incidents being detected by your security personnel.

AI can detect security threats and monitor your surveillance cameras. Your team will be notified if there is a security risk. They can then take appropriate action. This will increase the chances of your team responding quickly to security threats and preventing crime from happening.

Security staff to spot anomalies

AI can be used to detect anomalies in your physical security system data. AI will alert your security personnel if there are any anomalies or discrepancies in the access control system data. You will protect your building from unauthorised entry and will prevent intruders.

Facial Recognition Software and Integrated Security

Any access control system, such as a keycard door lock system, can pose a significant risk. Unauthorized parties could use your access credentials to gain entry to your building. This risk can be prevented by integrating access control and video surveillance technology.

The video intercom reader is equipped with touchless access and high definition video. This allows you to combine both security features in one device. This integration allows your security personnel to view access logs as well as the video feed from one interface, allowing them to verify users’ identities.

You may also want to automate identity verification by integrating AI into your integrated system. Software that verifies identity will verify users’ identities, providing MFA at the building’s entry and maximising security staff convenience.

Enabling Automated Workflows for Security Events

AI can be used to create and assign automated workflows to staff in response to security incidents. Your incident response procedures must be developed and documented. These should then be applied to your automated workflow software. Software will automate incident response and assign workflows to team members automatically, thereby reducing the time it takes. AI will help ensure that workflows are prioritized.

AI and Cybersecurity

AI can help you scale your cybersecurity efforts. These are some of the ways AI can enhance your cybersecurity strategies:

Automating workflows Your cybersecurity AI can automate workflows to allow your IT department prioritize tasks and assign tasks with greater efficiency without human intervention.

Analyzing threat exposure – AI uses the most current information to predict the attacks most likely for your business. This allows you to create response plans for these threats.

Asset inventory AI can help you to have the most current asset inventory at all time. Your network will be continuously documented by devices, users, applications, and applications that have access to AI.


AI can improve the effectiveness of your security investments. The implementation of AI can automate your workflows, improve your incident response processes, and accelerate your security threat detection. This will equip your team to prevent any security incidents from happening on your property. You can think about which AI applications would reduce vulnerabilities in your security strategy, and help you to get the highest ROI on your security investment.

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