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Top 3 Places to Buy a Dash Cam in the UK

While shopping online is the most popular way to shop these days, it doesn’t mean that the high street has died. It is still alive and well, particularly in post-pandemic periods, when people got tired of looking at screens of every size and shape.

Electronic shopping is not difficult. It is important for people to be able to touch the gadget they are interested in, to experience its build quality, shape, size, and other details. They want to try it out and determine if they like it.

With major manufacturers like Nexar, for instance, having their own eCommerce stores and Amazon and Best Buy having all the options, where can one go to find quality dash cams, other than the ones listed above? We set out to discover the answer. Here are the top three places to buy a UK dash cam (plus a few more, just in case!) ).

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Top 3 Places to Buy a Dash Cam in the UK

1. Currys 900

Currys is the obvious choice. Currys has been in retail since the 1920s, and it is now a household name all across the country. There are more than 900 Currys’ stores located all across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

2. Argos 737

Argos was founded in the UK, but it is now available in China and the Republic of Ireland. Argos, which was founded in the 1970s, rose quickly to prominence and was purchased by Sainsbury’s on June 16, 2016. There are more than 700 locations in the UK, mainly because they have stores within Sainsbury’s.

3. CeX

CeX is a fan favorite. CeX was established in London in 1992 and has remained a top-rated electronics store, selling a wide variety of products. CeX offers second-hand electronics, such as video games and DVDs, which is something that’s not offered by other shops. It also provides technology repair services. It currently has more than 385 shops in the UK and 220 overseas.

Bonus – Going online

Online shopping is for some the most convenient, time-efficient, and cost-efficient way to shop for electronics. Although Amazon and Best Buy are the most obvious choices for online shopping, they are not the best options due to shipping and handling issues, pricing mismatches, warranty issues, or other concerns. Buying directly from the manufacturer’s website is often the best option. They offer excellent customer service and have the most variety of manufacturers. Nexar may be the best overall.

The webshop provides all information, including a video recording of each dash camera, in a clear and concise manner that is visually appealing. Nexar is the best place to start if you aren’t sure where to begin and don’t want too much time browsing for dash cams.

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