Refurbished, Used and Certified Pre-Owned Phones

Which Phone Should You Buy?

Since its debut by Apple over a decade ago, the smartphone has made great strides. There are new models being introduced almost every day, so it’s tempting for smartphone users to trade their current handsets for a newer model. Superior cameras, faster processors, foldable screens – all these features improve your quality of living.

However, upgrading to a new handset can be costly and could cause environmental damage. There are other options than buying a new phone. Let’s look at some options on the used market and attempt to decode some of the terminologies.

What’s a Refurbished Telephone?

A refurbished phone means that it has been repaired or returned to the shop. After the repairs have been completed, the phone can be returned to the market.

You should verify the authenticity of the seller before you purchase a refurbished phone. A seller might be certified by the manufacturer. This is an indication that the quality of refurbished products can be distinguished from those that are not.

How to Buy Used Phones?

A used phone is one that has been previously owned. These phones may have cosmetic wear but are in perfect working order. To determine the extent of wear, it’s best to inspect the product. You might not like what is acceptable to one person. Your iPhone will be sold to another person if you decide to sell it.

There is no legal standard for what constitutes “used”. If the phone isn’t defective, there is no way to force the seller to return the product. This is a risk some consumers may be willing to take. Others may not.

What is a Certified Pre-owned Telephone?

If you are aware of the importance of security, and would like to add an extra layer of protection, then you might consider a certified pre-owned phone. These devices have been inspected by an expert who has knowledge of their operation. Different manufacturers will use different criteria to issue certificates. They may check for dead pixels and make sure that all buttons and ports are functioning. If the certificate is to go ahead, it will be necessary for the battery to be capable of building and holding a charge.

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