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Micro Lidar Sensor from Benewake: Creating the Future of Compact LiDAR Solutions

Benewake introduces the micro lidar sensor, a remarkable leap forward in compact LiDAR technology. This innovative sensor from Benewake sets new standards for efficiency and performance, offering unparalleled capabilities in a small yet powerful package.

Tiny Body yet Big Wisdom

Benewake’s micro lidar sensor embodies intelligence within a compact design, showcasing its prowess without compromise. With a minimal blind zone of just 10cm and immunity to ambient light, this sensor delivers precise and dependable data across diverse environments. Its adaptable communication interfaces, including UART, IIC, and IO, ensure seamless integration into any application, providing versatility and ease of use.

Low Power Yet High Frame Rate

Benewake’s micro lidar sensor offers fast frame rates in addition to low power consumption, allowing you to experience efficiency that unrivaled by any other sensor.  Acquire data in a quick and accurate manner with frame rates that can reach up to one thousand hertz, which enables you to gain real-time insights while maintaining a remarkable level of energy efficiency. Benewake’s micro lidar sensor will allow you to unlock the promise of compact LiDAR technology, thereby ushering in a new era of efficiency and performance across a wide range of applications.


In terms of tiny LiDAR solutions, Benewake’s micro lidar sensor is an important advancement thanks to its exceptional efficiency and feature set. Thanks to its small size, smart features, and outstanding performance, this sensor enables industries to reach unprecedented levels of creativity and production. Discover how Benewake is revolutionizing the sensor market with its cutting-edge LiDAR technology, which is redefining efficiency and performance.

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