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Innovation for Reliable Power: HyperStrong’s Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System

HyperStrong, a leading innovator in the energy storage industry, presents its cutting-edge liquid cooling energy storage system, the HyperBlock III. With its advanced technology and impressive specifications, the HyperBlock III sets a new standard for reliable and efficient power storage.

Impressive Specifications for Optimal Performance

The HyperBlock III, represented by the HSL3C721-05015 model, offers remarkable specifications that ensure reliable energy storage capabilities. Equipped with LFP-314Ah battery cells in a 12P416S configuration, the system delivers optimal performance and longevity.   With a rated energy of 5015.96 kWh and a rated power of 2500 kW at 25℃, the HyperBlock III provides a robust solution for a wide range of power storage requirements.

Efficient Cooling for Enhanced Performance

One of the key highlights of the HyperBlock III is its smart liquid cooling system. This innovative cooling method plays a vital role in maintaining optimal operating temperatures, ensuring stable and efficient performance, even in challenging environmental conditions. The liquid cooling technology prevents overheating and enables consistent power delivery, maximizing the system’s overall efficiency and reliability.

Certifications and Safety Compliance

HyperStrong’s commitment to quality and safety is evident in the HyperBlock III’s certifications. The system complies with rigorous standards such as UN38.3, IEC61000, IEC62933-5-2, IEC62619, IEC60730, IEC63056, IEC62477, UL9540A, UL9540, UL1973, and NFPA855. These certifications ensure that the HyperBlock III meets the highest industry standards for safety, performance, and environmental sustainability.


HyperStrong’s liquid cooling energy storage system, the HyperBlock III, represents a significant advancement in the field of power storage. With its impressive specifications, efficient liquid cooling, intelligent regulation, and adherence to rigorous certifications, the HyperBlock III provides a reliable and innovative solution for various energy storage needs. HyperStrong continues to drive the industry forward with its commitment to technological excellence, paving the way for a sustainable and efficient energy future.

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