How fleet tracking can transform your business

Fleet managers face one of the most difficult tasks: managing drivers’ whereabouts when things go wrong. Fleet managers also have to deal with driver distractions, speeding drivers, and budget-busters like delays and poor driving habits.

Every logistics industry fleet manager will know the importance of streamlining their fleet and managing it in a cost- and man-friendly manner.

Fleet tracking devices are a great tool for managing your fleet, cars, or vans. Trackershop, a company that offers GPS fleet tracking devices, can help you manage your fleet and avoid many of the problems we mentioned.

Let’s find out more about how fleet-tracking GPS devices can be used to help your business.

Fleet tracking system

For a complete fleet view, trucks, trailers, and equipment can all be equipped with connected devices.

Information about trips and routes

Speed alerts

Set geo-locations

Real-time reports on idle time, mileage, trips, fuel level, driver behavior, diagnostics, and more


The tracking software can provide you with information that is as simple or complex as you require. The fleet tracking system is designed to make it easier to manage your fleet, regardless of whether you own cars, vans or lorries.

These data can be used to help you streamline your business, driver movements, and address poor or uneconomical driving habits. You can view their routes and address traffic issues, as well as notice when they’re not driving in a safe or economical manner.

You can track your vehicles and manage them through technology. GPS fleet tracking systems will improve customer service and create a more efficient working environment. They will also help you maximize the value of your fleet drivers by maximizing their roadworthiness.

You’ll know where your documents are located and what additional capacity they have to handle, should you need it. This will allow you to reduce your paperwork, lower overheads, and increase your earning potential.

Imagine being able to avoid traffic jams by directing drivers, and knowing exactly when they need to arrive at each location with real-time information. This will give you a back-up in the event of invoice disputes and can help keep your customers more informed.

Fleet tracking devices make it easy

Fleet tracking devices often combine GPS tracking and cellular network data to communicate directly with fleet managers. Modern fleet GPS trackers have embedded logic, onboard processing and security layers to protect data and manage communications protocol.

Additional features include no fixed-term agreements, just monthly payments. You can log in to private fleet panels from any device and location with unlimited team access.

Automatically pulled reports on driver behavior, timesheets and personal mileage are arranged to eliminate much of the information gathering that is hindering many logistics companies and fleet managers each day.

You can save fuel by redirecting drivers when there are jams or other problems. This allows you to meet the growing demands of your customers for smooth, hassle-free and seamless services.

You can do your part for the environment. Fleet tracking can help you manage your vehicle fleet and save time, money, and reputation.

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