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Golden Interior – Inspiration for Brightening Up Your Home

Gold is associated with luxury and grandeur. It can bring brightness to any room if you know how to use it. These tips will help you create a unique glow in your home with golden details.

The color gold is a must-have and instantly draws attention. Although it can enhance your home’s appearance, it can also make it look more modern and sophisticated. However, too much can lead to it looking dated. Moderation is key to success, as well as knowing how to accessorize.

Inspiration for Brightening Up Your Home

What colors are a good match for gold?

Some colours suit gold better than others when it comes to colour. Neons and bright oranges, pinks and reds are out of fashion. Gold goes well with antique pinks, dark browns, creams, and beige. Bottle green, dark burgundy, or blues are also good choices. This contrast makes gold seem elegant and noble. You should stick to the safe side and only use dark colours with gold in small amounts. Lighter tones can be more adventurous.

Golden elements you’ll love

The living room is your canvas. But don’t go overboard. A single feature could be a lamp or mirror, or perhaps a frame of a print. Although gold is distinctive, it can be matched with any interior design style. The tone and finish of the interior play a crucial role. In retro, vintage, or country interior styles, it is best to choose darker, more muted colors. The same applies for industrial-style business interiors. A bright and shiny gold can complement minimalist or glamour-style living spaces.

Bathroom and golden shine

Gold can be used to warm up dark bathrooms or make them look more welcoming. A golden finish is best for towel rails, frames mirrors and taps. You should use gold sparingly in small bathrooms to enhance the space but not overwhelm it. A toothbrush holder or golden soap dispenser are other accessories that you could reach for.

Living like an king

A few accessories in gold can bring luxury to any space, even your dining room. To brighten up your sofa, you might consider changing the cushion covers. You can choose to only cover a few in gold, and then leave the rest in neutrals or soft pastels. There are many other ways to add this bright colour to your home. A golden flower pot or other accessories can make your room pop.

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