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Delivering High-Quality & Amazing Visuals with Background LED Screens

BAKO specializes in providing high-quality LED screens that deliver amazing visuals for various purposes, including stage rental and big stage productions. With advanced light-emitting diode (LED) technology, their background LED screens offer autonomous lighting to brilliantly display information. We understand the importance of flexibility and top-notch equipment in rental scenarios, ensuring outstanding visual experiences.

Experienced in LED Stage Screen Rental

Drawing upon their rich experience in stage rental scenarios, BAKO designs and manufactures high-quality background LED screens suitable for a wide range of applications. Their LED stage screens for sale and LED screens for concert stages are specifically crafted to meet the demands of diverse events, ensuring exceptional visual impact.

Quick & Easy Installation

At BAKO, we prioritize user-friendly designs and ease of use. Their LED walls for events are designed for quick setup and disassembly, saving valuable time and resources. The lightweight nature of their LED screens makes them ideal for large-scale stage backdrops, delivering cost-effective convenience without compromising on quality.

Versatile LED Screens On Stage

Our LED screens for events offer versatile functionality, enabling seamless integration with various video signals. They can play videos, pictures, and other real-time content, ensuring dynamic and engaging visuals. With high refresh rates and gray scales, their stage background LED displays, including stage LED walls and LED stage screen rentals, are perfect for live broadcasting, effectively eliminating black lines and flickering issues. These background LED screens provide synchronous and clear information transmission, regardless of the application.


BAKO is dedicated to delivering high-quality LED screens that provide amazing visuals for a wide range of applications, including stage rentals and big productions. With their background LED screens, we combine advanced LED technology with their expertise to offer outstanding visual experiences. With extensive experience in LED stage screen rental, quick and easy installation processes, and versatile functionality, BAKO ensures that their LED screens meet the demands of various events. Whether it’s concerts, live broadcasts, or other stage productions, their background LED screens deliver synchronized and clear information transmission, captivating audiences with stunning visuals. Choose BAKO for top-quality LED screens that elevate your stage presence and create unforgettable visual spectacles.

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