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Cloud Backups are the best solution for businesses of all sizes

Data backups should be a priority for any business or individual who handles large amounts of data. For businesses and individuals who regularly deal with sensitive documents that they can’t afford to lose this advice is also important. Any IT professional will tell you to have multiple backups in different locations and formats. Businesses should also consider off-site backups. Cloud backups can be a great off-site backup option. Cloud backups are an excellent option.

Cloud Backups are the Best Choice for All Size Businesses

1. Unlimited availability

It is impossible for you to predict when you might need a file that has been backed up somewhere. It is possible to need to review a document you have in the past, or show a client an older contract that you created while away from work.

There will be delays in getting the data and documents that you need if they are stored on your computer at work or on a USB stick that your employee has.

Uploading your file to the cloud eliminates these problems. You can access your files and documents from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

The added benefit is that you can access the files simultaneously with a colleague.

2. It eliminates the risk of hardware failure

Hardware drives and other storage devices fail all the time. IT support is often needed by businesses because of hardware failure. It can happen suddenly, causing you to lose all your data. Or it can happen slowly, causing you to have slower access speeds and corrupted data.

IT service providers are extremely careful about monitoring their storage media’s health. They will quickly swap out a hard drive if it is in poor health.

The IT company takes care of maintenance so you don’t have to worry about data loss or interruptions. Companies like Texaport ,, which offers IT support and managed IT services, can help businesses get the flexibility and capacity they need. They will help you make the most of the latest IT trends.

3. Avoid Catastrophes

Backups were stored away from the office using legacy backup options like tapes and USBs. In the event that your primary data is lost or damaged in an accident such as flooding or fire, you have only one backup. These legacy media can become unreliable over time.

Cloud backups allow you to store your off-site backup in multiple locations. This is done to ensure redundancy and faster access for remote employees. These backups are located in different places so the chance of them all being destroyed simultaneously is low.

4. Data retention is increasing

Retention can be used to refer to how many backups you have and how far back. You might have seven days worth of retention if your backups are taken every day. If you choose to go back further, you could have 30 days.

On-site backups are limited in their retention. Most have only a few months. You can’t go back further if you don’t want to.

Cloud backups can provide months to even years of storage depending on how much data you have. Many cloud backups allow you to keep your data for as long as possible and you can afford it.

5. You don’t need to think about storage and disk formats

When installing an operating system on a server or device, there are many file formats available. Windows uses NTFS. Macs use APFS, Mac OS Extended and many other Linux options.

You should consider the disk format when building a server. This will affect things such as the software you can install and performance. A cloud backup solution will let you choose the format that is best for your needs.

6. Always Up-to-Date

You should keep your backup software up-to-date to ensure you have the most recent features and that security holes are fixed. Cloud backups take care of all this for you.

Cloud backup providers will automatically update your software and install any necessary patches.

For organizations handling large amounts of data, or sensitive data, backups are essential to data management. Even small businesses need to find a reliable backup solution that is affordable and provides total data redundancy. Cloud backups meet all of these criteria, which is why they have gained so much popularity over the years.

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